Our support policy

Our approach to support is simple: we want to help you succeed. To that end, we offer award-winning technical support, the largest e-learning community in the world, and certified product training.

Technical support.

Our award-winning technical support helps you with product installation, product activation, and technical difficulties with product features promoted on our website and outlined in our help documentation. Our technical support includes:

  • Support site with thousands of helpful knowledge base articles, including product release notes
  • Around-the-clock email support (priority response for Articulate 360 for Teams and Reach 360)
  • Live chat (Articulate 360 for Teams and Reach 360)

We currently support these products:

There are some issues the technical support team isn't equipped to handle. Check out the E-Learning Heroes community forums to get help with these issues:

  • Course or instructional design
  • Modification of published output
  • Modification of Articulate player runtimes
  • Modification or reverse engineering of player files
  • Custom HTML modification or integration with other web content
  • Custom learning management system (LMS) integration
  • Third-party products, such as LMSs, learning content management systems (LCMSs), and mobile applications
  • Third-party API integration
  • Software development kit (SDK) support
  • Custom Flash development or modification
  • ActionScript support for Flash movies
  • JSON coding for custom xAPI statements
  • JavaScript coding
  • Custom installation packages
  • Non-local installations
  • Hardware or systems inconsistent with our technical specifications
  • Translation services
Community support.

The E-Learning Heroes community is the largest, most active community in the industry. It's a terrific place to get practical tips, free downloads, and expert advice on just about everything e-learning.

Post your question on the community forums to get help from Articulate's dedicated community team and 1.2 million+ highly engaged community members around the globe.

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Product training.

Sign up for web-based or in-person training with our certified training partners to learn all about using Articulate 360 software.

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Upgrade to Articulate 360 to get exclusive access to our online training platform with a range of courses from novice to advanced.