Articulate 360: Merging Subscriptions

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To simplify team management, we can help you merge multiple Articulate 360 subscriptions into a single subscription at your next renewal. Contact us at to get started. In this article, you’ll learn what happens to your team members and content when combining subscriptions and how to complete the process.

If you’d like to merge subscriptions outside of a renewal, please connect with us at to learn more about the requirements.

What to Expect

Here's what your team members can expect of their user accounts, local project files, online personal content, and online shared content when merging subscriptions.

User Accounts

We'll coordinate with you to schedule the subscription merger. At that time, we'll transfer all team members from their separate teams to the combined team. The transfer is seamless. Team members will have the same Articulate IDs (email addresses), passwords, and online content before and after the merger.

Local Content

Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, and Peek 360 projects stay on users' local computers, so they’ll still have access to those files when they join the combined team.

Online Personal Content

We'll transfer each team member's Rise 360 content and Review 360 items in personal folders to the new team. Personal content stays associated with each user's Articulate ID, so they'll have access to all their content, including assigned collaborator roles in Rise 360, when the merger is complete.

Online Shared Content

We'll transfer all shared content from the old teams to the new one, including:

Team members have access to the same shared content before and after the merger, and they could have access to even more shared content after combining multiple teams. We've provided a template to set expectations for your team members.

Reach 360

While we can't merge Reach 360 subscriptions, we can transfer Reach 360 traininglearners, and reports from one Articulate 360 subscription to another. When you contact us (see the next section), let us know how you want to handle multiple Reach 360 subscriptions, and we'll help you find the best path forward.

How to Merge

Follow these steps to merge subscriptions:

  1. Gather all the subscription numbers for the teams you want to merge. Someone from each team can find their subscription number by going to and clicking any of these tabs: Manage Team, Billing, or Team Info.
  2. Determine which subscription will be the primary, combined subscription. You can choose an existing Articulate 360 Teams subscription, a personal Articulate 360 subscription that gets upgraded to a Teams subscription, or a brand new subscription.
  3. Ensure the primary subscription has enough seats for all new team members. If you need more seats, we can help you with that.
  4. Contact us at with the information from steps 1-3 above. Merging subscriptions can be done at the time of your renewal. If you'd like to merge subscriptions outside of a renewal, please contact us to learn more about the requirements.

We'll walk you through the merge process, which includes:

  1. Getting written approvals from each account owner
  2. Scheduling the merger
  3. Cancelling the original subscriptions and issuing pro-rated refunds where applicable
  4. Transferring users and their content to the combined subscription

Let Your Users Know What to Expect

Be sure to give your users advanced notice that their subscriptions will merge. Download this template, customize it, and share it with your team.