Articulate 360 Teams: Reducing Seats in a Subscription

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We understand that business needs may sometimes require you to scale down the size of your Articulate 360 Teams subscription, and we're here to support you.

When you request a seat reduction, we’ll update that seat count at renewal, and our system will remove seatholders to reach the reduced count. Unassigned seats will be removed first, then unclaimed invites, and finally active seats, starting with the last one assigned.

If the system removes an active seatholder, the team will lose access to any shared content from the removed seatholder until that seatholder rejoins the team subscription. If the removed seatholder joins a different subscription, they will lose access to all the content they own—both personal and shared.

We can help reconnect these from the backend, but removing users before renewal gives you more control over what happens to content and avoids disruption. We recommend following these steps:

  1. Check your renewal date in the Manage Team tab of your Account Management Console.
  2. Before this date, answer these questions:
    • Which users do you want to remove from the team?
    • Who will receive their shared content?
    • Will you let them keep their personal content? 
  3. Review this user guide on managing content when users leave your team.
  4. Before renewal day, remove the users and transfer their content based on your answers in step #2.