Articulate 360 Teams: Separate Admins for Reach 360

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Enjoy more organizational options by defining separate admins for Articulate 360 and Reach 360. Beginning November 1, 2023, you can designate Reach 360 admins to manage only Reach 360 users. Read on to find out how this change affects Articulate 360 and Reach 360. Then check out this user guide to learn how to manage Reach 360 admins.

Changes in Managing Articulate 360 Admins

Previously, users needed full Articulate 360 admin permissions to manage users, content, and reporting in Reach 360. With this update, you can grant Reach 360 admin permissions without Articulate 360 admin access and vice versa, giving you more control over user permissions.

When you navigate to your account management console's Manage Reach 360 tab, you'll see your current Articulate 360 admins listed as Reach 360 admins. Here, you can remove admins that don't need access to Reach 360. Then, navigate to the Manage Team tab and remove admins who don't need Articulate 360 access. Going forward, new Articulate 360 admins won't automatically be Reach 360 admins, so you'll need to add them manually if they also manage Reach 360. New Reach 360 admins must create an Articulate ID, accept the invite, and directly sign in to Reach 360 for access.

Changes in Reach 360

Before this update, Articulate 360 seatholders were synced as Authors in the People section of the Manage tab. Now, seatholders can still submit Articulate 360 content for Reach 360 admins to publish, but they won't be added to Reach 360 automatically. Current authors are shown as Learners with a "360" tag in the user list.

That also means you'll need to add new Articulate 360 seatholders manually to Reach 360 as Learners if they need to take training. Removing them from Reach 360 won't affect their access to Articulate 360.