Review 360: How to Attach Files to Your Comments

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Get on the same page faster with your stakeholders. Now reviewers can attach files, such as screenshots and course assets, to their comments.

How to Attach, Download, and Delete Files

To attach a file, click the paper clip icon in the comment box, then browse to a file you want to upload. Press Enter on your keyboard to post your comment and attachment.

To download an attachment, just click it and choose where you want to save it.

To delete an attachment, hover over it and click the X that appears. Only the owner of a comment can delete its attachments.

Want to see a demonstration? Check out this video from Community Manager Trina Rimmer.


Can I attach more than one file to a comment?

Yes. You can attach up to five files to each comment. Just click the paper clip icon for each file you want to upload, then press Enter to post your comment and attachments.

Is there a file size limit for attachments?

Each attachment can be up to 5 GB.

Are there any file types that can't be attached to comments?

You can attach most common file types directly to your comments, including images and videos. However, some file extensions aren't safe to attach without first zipping or compressing them. Review 360 will let you know if you try to attach an unsupported file type.

Do I have to wait for my attachment to finish uploading before I post my comment?

No. You can post your comment at any time, and the attachment will be available for others to download as soon as it has finished uploading to Review 360.