Review 360: How to Subscribe to Comments and Mute Notifications for Individual Projects

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By default, you'll receive email notifications for Review 360 comments that mention you by @name as well as replies to your comments. Now you can subscribe to all activity for individual Review 360 projects, and you can mute or turn off notifications for other projects. Here's how:

  1. Sign in to Articulate 360 and open the project you want to follow or mute.
  2. Click the More ellipsis (...) in the upper right corner and choose Project Notifications.
  1. Choose a notification setting:
    • Your Activity: You'll receive email notifications when someone replies to your comments or mentions you by @name.
    • All Activity: You'll receive email notifications for all comments and replies on this project.
    • Mute Project: You won't receive any email notifications for this project.
  1. Click outside the notification settings menu to close it.

Want to change how often you receive email notifications? You can choose instant notifications or hourly/daily email digests. See this article for details.

Note: Reviewers can mention you by @name when commenting on your content or on projects where you had added a comment. If you’re a member of an Articulate 360 Teams account, all members of your team can also tag you.