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Listed below are the new assets, features, and fixes we've added to Content Library 360 since its initial launch. And because it's a web app, there's nothing to install. New assets, features, and fixes are immediately available to Articulate 360 subscribers.

June 18, 2024

  • New: Haley illustrated character. Bright personal protective equipment makes Haley stand out from the crowd. She could be a member of a maintenance crew, an airport mechanic, or a stakeholder visiting a construction site. With her vibrant expressions and sleek ponytail, Haley is a versatile character, perfect for entry-level or managerial roles.
  • New: Sebastian illustrated character. Dressed in a hard hat, high-visibility vest, and work boots, Sebastian represents a variety of industries. His personal protective equipment makes him a great fit for settings like construction and events. With a serious, experienced presence, he can play many roles—co-worker, manager, foreman, or mentor.

February 20, 2024

  • New: Chloe illustrated character. Chloe is ready to work—perfect for cafe, retail, or casual dining settings. Sporting an apron, jeans, and tennis shoes, she fits in at a cafe, storefront, or casual restaurant. She’s versatile, too—she could be a florist, a barista, a server, a line cook, and more. Her comfortable, upbeat spirit makes Chloe a great choice for a variety of learning subjects.
  • New: Theresa illustrated character. Theresa is a seasoned professional who fits right into medical settings. Wearing dark blue scrubs and comfortable sneakers, she’s prepared for anything that happens in her unit. With a pulled-back bun and minimal makeup, Theresa balances professionalism and approachability, making her ideal for learning about health topics of all kinds.

December 5, 2023

  • Enhanced: We've improved accessibility in all Storyline 360 templates. Template focus order now follows a logical path so screen readers can present slide elements correctly and skip decorative objects. We've also upgraded videos to use accessible controls.

October 11, 2023

  • New: Wren illustrated character. Wren asserts their individuality with bold brows, round-framed glasses, and an edgy, side-swept undercut. Their look is casual yet sharp, wearing cuffed black jeans, combat boots, and a navy blue button-down with rolled sleeves. Envision them at a creative startup, an innovative nonprofit, or anywhere you need a confident guide.

September 20, 2023

  • New: Shanae illustrated character. Shanae’s ensemble is comfortable yet striking. With black jeans, a vibrant red crewneck, matching sneakers, and voluminous afro-textured curls, she radiates an easy-going dynamism. A touch of light eyeshadow and a soft, knowing smile complete her look, distinguishing Shanae as an approachable and versatile character.
  • New: Don illustrated character. Don projects warm wisdom. His square eyeglasses, gray hair, and thick, circle beard reveal his seasoned competence, while his open, expressive eyes invoke a learner’s empathy. Sporting a fitted sage green t-shirt with black jeans and white sneakers, his style is casual yet clean—making him the ideal friend, customer, or peer.

June 13, 2023

  • New: Eduardo illustrated character. Need a seasoned, friendly guide? Eduardo’s got you covered. His slicked-back salt-and-pepper hair and bold brows speak to years of wisdom. But don’t let that intimidate you. Eduardo’s kind brown eyes sparkle with approachability, and the blue jeans and red polo are perfect for any business-casual training.
  • New: Camila illustrated character. Sporting a blue crewneck with matching sneakers and black jeans, Camila is dressed for comfort without sacrificing style. With chestnut-brown hair framing her face in waves, Camila is a relatable character with limitless training potential—whether running errands, standing in for a customer, or working at a start-up.
  • New: Mike illustrated character. Mike is effortlessly cool. His striking eyes and neatly trimmed boxed beard exude poise, while the green bomber jacket, tapered joggers, and white sneakers are casually confident. You might catch Mike heading to the gym, grabbing a coffee with friends, or working remotely—making him ideal for a variety of training needs.

May 1, 2023

Enhanced: We upgraded Content Library 360 with hundreds of thousands more high-resolution images from Pexels. Find the perfect royalty-free photos for your online training with an easy-to-use image library.

December 5, 2022

New: Sarah photographic character. Sarah is a cheerful choice for leading learners through a variety of topics.

  • Casual - With her wide smile and open posture, Sarah plays the part of a helpful, friendly co-worker to perfection. The pop of yellow from her bright cardigan is the perfect complement to her sunny demeanor. Choose Sarah to help guide learners through a variety of workplace topics in a fun, casual way.
  • Business casual - Sarah's soft blue sweater, silky top, and wavy tresses telegraph a caring and competent young professional who's ready to lend a hand or ear. Her warm smile and bright eyes express an affable charm. Enlist Sarah's help for workplace courses that would benefit from a friendly, empathetic touch.
  • Corporate - Sarah's tailored black skirt suit is all business, but her smiling visage gives her an air of approachability. Sarah elevates her corporate uniform with a bold lipstick and a statement necklace—just like she'll elevate courses for managers and executives with her professional yet relatable corporate style.

New: Thomas photographic character. Friendly and professional, Thomas fits any business setting.

  • Casual - Thomas might be dressed casually in a button-up shirt and jeans, but he still looks sharp and professional. His friendly smile and positive attitude make him a natural fit for multiple office settings, especially where the environment is more laid-back. Thomas has the approachable air of your favorite co-worker.
  • Business casual - Dressed in merino wool and black slacks, Thomas exudes effortless leadership. Positive, outgoing, and professional, he comes across a manager with plenty of experience. And with his confident, disarming smile, Thomas can navigate multiple workplace scenarios and interact with employees at all levels.
  • Corporate - Thomas is a mover and a shaker. Always sharply dressed, his exquisite taste radiates sophistication and success. But don’t let the power ties fool you. Thomas is an executive with an open-door policy, as at home at the company picnic as he is in the boardroom. Commanding but friendly, Thomas fits in multiple corporate settings.

New: Aliyah photographic character. Choose Aliyah when you need a poised young professional who knows how to get the job done.

  • Casual - With her hair pulled back and sleeves rolled up, Aliyah’s ready to lend learners a helping hand. Her classic cream sweater and jeans combo give her a look that's professional yet approachable. Even in casual wear, Aliyah exudes the sophistication and know-how of a seasoned pro—making her an ideal choice to lead learners.
  • Business casual - Aliyah's navy blazer, no-nonsense ponytail, and friendly smile are reminiscent of that favorite co-worker who can make you laugh at the water cooler and kick butt on the latest project. Choose this poised, good-natured young professional when you want your learners to get down to business—and have fun while doing it.
  • Corporate - Aliyah's bright pink blouse under a tailored, buttoned-up navy skirt suit, gives her he look of an executive who knows how to have fun. Confident, competent, and collected, she is perfect for leading corporate training for managers or fellow executives in a business setting.

September 28, 2021

  • New: Essence template set. Peachy-pink hues set against a moody charcoal background give the Essence template a luxe and modern vibe. Rounded accents contrast with sleek typography to create an aesthetic sure to delight a discerning audience. Essence provides plenty of space for eye-catching imagery and incorporates minimalist, line-drawn icons with a pop of pink. Engage your learners with stylish slides, stunning charts and graphics, and elegant yet functional text layouts.
  • New: Jayla illustrated character. In denim jeans and a classic leather jacket, Jayla's the epitome of effortless sophistication. Her stylish box braids and knowing smile project the laid-back intelligence of a friend who's great at giving advice. Jayla's the perfect choice for a cool coworker or mentor figure who'll tell it like it is with grace and kindness.
  • New: Eric illustrated character. Eric’s commanding presence is tempered by his soft eyes and open face. His sophisticated style makes him an approachable executive for a corporate setting, a friendly supervisor, or a superstar co-worker sure to inspire confidence from learners.
  • New: Maya illustrated character. Meet Maya—a no-nonsense health professional. Her classic blue scrubs and comfortable sneakers suggest a busy healthcare worker on the go. Maya projects confidence and professionalism, making her an excellent choice to lead learners in the healthcare field.
  • New: Jada illustrated character. Pairing classic blue sneakers and jeans with a spunky, bubblegum pink sportcoat, Jada is ready to run errands, visit the doctor, or present a creative idea at her startup. Her curly pixie cut also gives her an open and fresh look. Jada is the coworker, friend, and customer that learners can turn to for practice and guidance.
  • New: Jamal illustrated character. Jamal may be suited up, but his tie is off, making him a perfect choice for connecting with a business casual audience. Jamal's tailored suit and fashion-forward pop of pink make for an eye-catching combination, as he projects an air of approachability with a healthy dose of fun.

February 2, 2021

  • New: Synergy template set. Make complex ideas feel simple and effortless with Synergy templates. Analogous blue, green, and gray pops of color stand out against a white background, creating a clean and modern feel. Designs balance photographs with timeline, column, and infographic layouts. Where professional and creative content meet, Synergy templates offer a polished yet palatable learning experience.
  • New: Vitality template set. Vitality templates cut through the noise and put key concepts center stage. The dark backdrop and uncluttered design make your content the star of the show. Large photographs, colorful infographics, and playful icons make Vitality templates approachable and easy to follow for learners of all levels. This template also includes a media slide for creating a rich multimedia experience.
  • New: Renita photographic character. Renita doesn’t just solve problems, she also wins the hearts of customers—and the respect of peers—with her exuberance and can-do attitude. Wearing a plum button-down shirt and gray slacks, Renita fits most business or customer service settings. With Renita as a guide, nothing can stand in the way of learners’ success.
  • New: Craig photographic character. Safety is Craig’s top priority. Arriving prepared with a hard hat, goggles, and reflective vest, Craig makes the perfect model for compliance training. Whether managing a construction crew—or demonstrating safety practices on the warehouse floor—Craig is a character learners can relate to and count on.
  • New: Dante illustrated character. Dante looks just as comfortable giving a presentation as meeting a friend for coffee. His style is scholarly yet low-key, pairing a blazer and crew neck with jeans. With his blue-framed eyeglasses, stylish goatee, and corkscrew locks, Dante beams with intelligence and poise. Picture him as a mentor, client, or professional.
  • New: Pamela illustrated character. Pamela is a mature guide for most government, finance, or corporate settings. Her black blazer, pencil skirt, rectangular glasses, and briefcase give her a buttoned-up look. Yet her pale yellow undershirt adds warmth. Patient and prudent, Pamela mentors learners with the business savvy of an executive—and kindness of a friend.
  • New: Charles illustrated character. Emanating experience and tenacity, Charles is the CEO you can trust. His lined face, gray hair, and glasses hint at the wisdom of his years, while his power suit and tie complete his commanding look. Learners will be rewarded with his wealth of business knowledge and leadership expertise.
  • New: Simone illustrated character. Simone is the lab technician, scientist, or doctor to call for all of your medical emergencies or health concerns. Sporting afro-textured curls, a lab coat, and charcoal slacks, she projects an air of wisdom and calm. For Simone, healing people and improving community health isn’t just a job—it’s her life’s work.

February 3, 2020

  • New: Illuminate template set. With an urban and trendy feel, the Illuminate template is ideal for breaking down modern business topics in a compact, easy-to-understand way. Reinforce key ideas with eye-catching visuals and a variety of layout options, such as timelines, infographics, and more. The subdued color scheme of grays and blues keeps slides simple and sleek. If you want a professional but contemporary approach to training—then look no further than Illuminate.
  • New: Amira photographic character. Add a pop of color and diversity to your training with Amira. Her bright orange head covering and matching nails complement her modest, long-sleeved dress. Amira’s polished persona commands respect, and her genuine smile radiates energy and warmth. She’s the perfect choice for any business, nonprofit, or community setting.
  • New: Robert photographic character. Robert’s fun-loving, approachable demeanor instantly puts learners at ease. His expressions range from goofy and warm, to stern and contemplative. Sporting cargo pants, sneakers, and a baseball-style tee, Robert’s relaxed look makes him a believable patient, customer, or friend in need.

October 28, 2019

  • New: Radiance template set. Radiance templates are the epitome of light, airy, and modern. They feature brilliant white backgrounds paired with gray accents, navy headers, and teal splashes of color. Perfect for content-heavy courses, each slide gives you space to break down ideas into digestible bites. Take your learners on a dynamic journey with unique slide layouts, two-person scenarios, built-in labels, timelines, infographics, and more.
  • New: DeShaun photographic character. The epitome of a confident young professional, DeShaun is ideal for serious and lighthearted scenarios alike. His crisp button-down, black dress pants, and polished loafers give him a professional look. Whether he’s a coworker, team leader, or direct report, DeShaun is sincere and versatile for a variety of business scenarios.
  • New: Michele photographic character. Michele’s confident stance and safety attire make her a great choice for leading learners through construction and manufacturing scenes. She’s equipped with a helmet, safety glasses, a reflective vest, and steel-toed boots. Her stop sign, clipboard, and walkie-talkie can also help bring the job site alive for your learner.
  • New: Liz photographic character. Liz is a mature and empathetic character for patient care, customer service, and casual business settings. Her warm smile, glasses, khaki slacks, and cheery blue blouse give Liz a relatable appearance. Ask learners to help Liz with her tablet or phone, or diagnose aches and pains. Liz has dynamic reactions for every situation.
  • New: Glenn photographic character. Glenn is the ideal executive for your business or sales needs. With a broad smile, black suit, and pale yellow shirt and tie, Glenn comes across as polished yet approachable. His salt and pepper hair alludes to his years of knowledge and expertise. He’s a charismatic character who’s comfortable training top leadership and talent.

April 2, 2019

  • New: Find the perfect photos, illustrations, icons, and videos for your e-learning courses. Browse 17+ million Content Library 360 assets right from Presenter 360, Quizmaker 360, and Engage 360. All assets are royalty-free with no attribution required.

January 22, 2019

  • Enhanced: Content Library is now called Content Library 360 to match the other "360" apps in Articulate 360 subscriptions.

December 11, 2018

  • New: Affinity template set. Affinity templates break down big ideas into highly digestible visuals. A dark backdrop and professional typeface give this template a sophisticated feel. Strategically placed and bold splashes of color grab learners’ attention and drive key points home. And, to help your learners get to know your team, this template set also features an interactive organizational chart.
  • New: Joseph photographic character. Joseph’s casual, athletic attire make him shine as a coach, mentor, or educator. Donning a crisp white T-shirt and navy blue tracksuit, his friendly demeanor puts learners at ease. Add Joseph with a tablet to motivate learners. Or, choose one of his expressive poses to demonstrate various aches, pains, and ailments.
  • New: Shafer photographic character. Shafer’s a lively professional who’s brimming with excitement. Her maroon button-down, grey slacks, and long brown hair give her a fresh, business-savvy look. Whether learners need encouragement or discipline, Shafer’s strong leadership and “go get ’em” demeanor make her the perfect mentor for a host of business topics.

June 19, 2018

  • New: Isabel photographic character. Isabel looks the part of an attentive leader. Her royal blue scrubs are flattering and her long white lab coat is spotless. With a discerning gaze, half smile, and shoulder-length curls, she’s the perfect doctor character for holding learners’ attention through medical-themed courses.
  • New: Vicki photographic character. Vicki has one of those smiles that you imagine customers can hear through the phone. She appears genuinely excited to be helping the person on the other line, which makes her the perfect character to lead your customer service courses. Learners will appreciate her cheerful vibe as she guides them through challenging caller scenarios and more.
  • New: Antonio photographic character. Antonio is a character with a unique sense of style. He’s dressed in a brown blazer over a black turtleneck, khaki pants, and well-polished shoes. The look is casual enough for an everyday scenario, but also suitable for a lesson on international business. When you choose Antonio for your courses, his friendly gaze will put your learners at ease.
  • New: Bradley photographic character. Choose Bradley when you need a sensible-looking peer to guide learners through medical best practices. Dressed in aquamarine scrubs and slip-resistant white work shoes, he’ll look right at home in any modern health clinic or hospital. Includes poses with a clipboard.

March 20, 2018

  • New: Serenity template set. Put learners at ease with this approachable template set. You have all the space you need to tackle complex topics and draw in learners. The rounded shapes and modern icons bring levity to more challenging content. And a unique, interactive timeline and related content slides give you room to present helpful background information in an engaging way.

January 23, 2018

  • Enhanced: All Storyline and Quizmaker slide templates have been updated to use modern text rendering so text flows beautifully with consistent spacing and readability on every device. Learn more about modern text.

November 14, 2017

  • New: Valeria photographic character. Wearing a red, V-necked T-shirt and flared blue jeans, Valeria looks the part of a cheerful, young employee in a casual work environment. Her outfit also works in many everyday scenarios. When your learners need an affable narrator to guide their course experience, Valeria is a great choice.
  • New: Mary photographic character. Mary looks like she has all the answers. Her polished outfit consists of a black-and-white patterned top, forest green skirt, and black dress shoes. This customer service pro has her headset on and is ready to take even the trickiest calls. She's a comfortable and competent guide for learners in customer support courses.
  • New: Lange photographic character. You can tell by looking at him that Lange is in charge. His posture is expansive, his suit is immaculately tailored, and his expressive face demonstrates the emotional range of a compassionate leader. When you need a savvy guide for your professional courses, this seasoned executive is here to help.
  • New: Kayla photographic character. Let Kayla show your learners how to work safely in construction and industrial environments. Outfitted in a yellow hard hat, safety glasses, and neon safety vest, she's prepared to dig into any challenge you have in store. She makes a perfect peer for walking learners through safety best practices.
  • New: Emily photographic character. Emily's casual style makes her a great choice for a wide variety of courses. She wears a grey long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Her look is appropriate for construction or manufacturing environments and everyday scenes alike. When your course calls for a laid-back character, Emily will fit right in.
  • New: Maria photographic character. Maria looks like she's eager to help your learners understand the topic at hand. Her uniform—a light blue button-down shirt and navy slacks with a black belt and work shoes—makes her a good fit for medical courses. And her energetic, upbeat expressions make her a helpful guide to walk learners through new information.
  • New: Andres photographic character. Andres is ready to help your learners with training on safety and emergency medicine. He's wearing a uniform of navy slacks and a periwinkle button-down shirt over a white T-shirt. His posture and expressions convey his positive, friendly attitude. Add him as a guide in your courses and help learners excel with a character they can identify with.
  • New: Ginnie photographic character. Ginnie has a reassuring presence. Her comfortable-looking clothing and pleasant face convey a laid-back vibe that puts learners at ease. She's a great choice when you need a kind, supportive character to lead learners gently through sensitive topics and emotionally challenging content.
  • New: Mitchell photographic character. Mitchell looks like he's had a few cups of coffee and is ready to take on the day. He's wearing a red button-down shirt and khaki-colored slacks, and some of his poses include a headset. While he's a natural pick for customer service courses, his dynamic energy and bold attire are also appropriate for leadership training.
  • New: Carlos photographic character. Carlos is a versatile younger character you can use in many types of courses. His attire is polished enough for a casual office or classroom environment yet relaxed enough for a weekend walk around the neighborhood. Choose him to connect with younger learners or anytime you need a millennial character in your course.

June 7, 2017

  • New: Gail photographic character. Choose Gail when you need a strong leader in your professional courses. Her bold style is apparent from her fitted black dress with its geometric white flourish—a modern twist on a classic work uniform. She's perfect for training that calls for a confident, executive character.
  • New: Paulina photographic character. Paulina appears astute and ready to help your learners. Whether the setting is a hospital, dental office, or veterinary clinic, she fits right in with sky blue scrubs and slip-resistant white shoes. Choose Paula and provide your learners with a knowledgeable peer to guide them through training courses in a medical setting.
  • New: Inspire template set. Inspire templates provide enough space for long-form content and feature an eye-catching design that'll keep learners engaged. Choose from bold, graphic layouts to highlight key points or tell a story in several paragraphs with two and three column layouts. Slide interactions include a list layout that also works as a menu or summary slide.

May 24, 2017

March 7, 2017

  • New: We added 7+ million photographs, illustrations, icons, and videos to Content Library 360 from Noun Project, Pixabay, and Unsplash. All assets are royalty-free with no attribution required, and you can access them right from Storyline 360.
  • New: Sheila photographic character. Sheila appears competent and polished in a crisp poplin top and pleated slacks. Choose her to help your learners master new professional skills. Whether she’s explaining HR policy or demonstrating how to address an upset customer, her reassuring presence helps learners feel more confident in their abilities.
  • New: William photographic character. William looks the part of a kind leader. Wearing a lab coat over a lilac button-down shirt and belted black slacks, he’s dressed for courses set in a lab, doctor’s office, or other STEM workplaces. Give your learners the feeling of studying under a knowledgeable, experienced mentor when you choose William for your course.
  • New: Nora photographic character. Nora is ready for action. You can see it in the way she’s dressed—with an olive green velour track jacket, black sweatpants, and flats—and in her upright posture. Add her to casual scenarios, or as a guide in health or fitness training. She’s here to help learners with her encouraging smile and assuring presence.

December 12, 2016

  • New: Jet photographic character. Wearing an untucked button-down shirt, boot-cut jeans, and sporting a five o’clock shadow, Jet's youthful look works just as well in a modern office as it does at Sunday brunch. So whether you need a character to present workplace policy or talk learners through more personal topics, Jet's a great choice.
  • New: Gianna photographic character. Gianna is impeccably styled with a draped coral blouse and statement necklace. She exudes confidence and competence. Use Gianna in your training courses when you need a smart, strong leader to help guide the way.
  • New: Vibrance template set. Communicate your message in an engaging, approachable way with Vibrance templates. Each slide includes plenty of room for text, while carefully placed circular images and eye-catching icons keep content from being overwhelming. Call-outs over images provide plenty of opportunities to draw attention to important visual details. This template set includes two different drag-and-drop interactions plus a handy survey.

November 9, 2016

  • New: Content Library 360 launched! Content Library 360 is an ever‑expanding source of gorgeous course assets, including professionally-designed slide templates and relatable characters.