How Freelancers Work With Articulate 360 Teams

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As an e-learning freelancer, you may temporarily join a client’s Articulate 360 team to develop courses for them while you’re under contract. You just have to choose how you want to preserve your pre-existing Articulate 360 content (if you have any).

When you join a team, all Rise 360 courses, Review 360 projects, and Storyline 360 team slides created with your Articulate ID belong to the team, even if you created them before joining the team. And when you leave the team at the end of your contract, an admin for the team can transfer your content to another team member.

Here are two ways you can maintain control of the content you created prior to joining the team.

Create a New Articulate ID

The easiest way to manage your content is to create a separate Articulate ID for each team you join. Here’s how.

  1. Sign out of Articulate 360.
  2. Create a new Articulate ID with a different email address.
  3. Use your new Articulate ID (email address) to join your client’s team.

Ask the Team Admins Not to Transfer Your Personal Content

If you prefer to use the same Articulate ID for every team you join, here’s how you can keep your pre-existing content. Before joining a team, come to an agreement with the team admins about what each of you will do when your contract is complete and you leave the team, as described below.

  • You agree to manually transfer ownership of all the client’s Rise 360 courses to another team member and move all Review 360 items to team folders before your contract ends. (Storyline 360 team slides automatically stay with the team when you leave.)
  • Team admins agree not to transfer your personal content when they remove you from the team. This leaves your pre-existing content with your Articulate ID and under your control.

Note: Make sure all the Rise 360 content and Review 360 items you want to keep are in your Private directory before you're removed from the team.