How We Tackle Bugs

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Every now and then when you’re using Articulate software, you might encounter a bug. We define a bug as a software feature that’s not working as we intended it to. When you report a bug, here’s how we tackle it.

  1. First, our team will assess how the feature’s current behavior differs from the behavior we intended. Sometimes there’s an error with our product documentation or user behavior rather than a bug. We want to eliminate that possibility first.
  2. If we confirm that there's a software bug, we work as a team to prioritize the problem. We’ll look at how many customers the bug affects and how seriously those customers are impacted.
  3. We’ll also talk about how difficult the bug is to fix and if fixing it might cause other problems with the software.
  4. Once we’ve prioritized the bug, it goes into our development team’s work queue in order of priority. Of course, bugs that affect larger numbers of people or have a significant impact on users will always be tackled first.

You can always check out the latest bug fixes in the release notes for each app. Go to the Support home page, select the app you're using, and then click the version history link for details.

If you encounter a possible bug with our software, please report it here and we’ll take a look.