Storyline 360 and Studio 360: How the Seekbar Behaves in the Responsive Player

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The seekbar is an excellent visual indicator of each slide's timeline. When viewed on mobile devices, it behaves differently depending on the player and the device you use.

How the Seekbar Behaves in the Modern Player

When using the modern player in Storyline 360, the seekbar appears across the bottom of the screen on all devices and orientations except on smartphones in landscape mode.

On smartphones in landscape mode, the seekbar is a circular indicator that travels around the play/pause button.

When you pause a slide or let it finish playing, the seekbar changes to a line across the bottom of the screen.

How the Seekbar Behaves in the Classic Player

When using the classic player in Storyline 360 and Studio 360 courses on tablets and smartphones, the all-new responsive player moves out of the way, giving your course content more room to shine. The player features are still there when you need them, including the seekbar.

When your tablet or smartphone is in landscape mode, the responsive player moves to the right side of the screen. As the slide plays, you’ll see a circular indicator travelling around the play/pause button. You can’t scrub back and forth along the seekbar in landscape mode, but the circular indicator lets you see how much time has elapsed and how much remains.

The seekbar isn't interactive in the responsive player when viewed in landscape mode on mobile devices.

To make the seekbar interactive, just turn your tablet or smartphone to portrait orientation. The responsive player will move to the bottom of the screen and reveal a horizontal seekbar that you can drag back and forth.

The seekbar is interactive in the responsive player when viewed in portrait mode on mobile devices.