Reach 360: Connecting Reach 360 and Microsoft Teams

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Want to see rich training previews and training reminders right in Microsoft Teams? All you have to do is connect it to Reach 360.

How to Connect Microsoft Teams and Reach 360

From your profile, in the Integrations section, click the Add to Microsoft Teams button to start pairing your Reach 360 and Microsoft Teams accounts. Log in to your Microsoft Teams account if prompted, then click Add to add the app (this may require permission from your administrator). 

Once installed, select the Reach 360 card in Microsoft Teams and use the login [your Reach 360 URL] command, then click the Log In button. You'll be prompted to log in to Reach 360 in a separate window. Once successfully logged in, you'll receive a confirmation message once the accounts are linked.

Reach 360 Functionality Within Microsoft Teams

With Reach 360 connected, when you paste a training link into a team to which the Reach 360 app has been added, a rich preview of that content displays. The preview includes the course name, cover image, author, publishing date, number of lessons, and duration. This works for any content visible to you or in your course library. Rich previews are not available for accounts using custom domains. 

Note: Once you unfurl a link, the rich preview is visible to anyone in the team where you shared it, even if they don’t have access to the course. 

You’ll also receive direct messages in Microsoft Teams when Reach 360 sends you notifications about: 

  • Course/learning path enrollment
  • Course due/past due
  • Successful login to Reach 360 from Microsoft Teams