Review 360: Share Link Permissions

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Control access to your content. Make your Review 360 items private while still allowing invited stakeholders to offer feedback.

How It Works

Launch the item share settings using the More (•••) icon that appears when you hover over it, the action toolbar on top when the item card is selected, or the Share option in the upper right corner of the screen when you open the item from the dashboard.

Select Only invited users from the Item Access drop-down list, type in the reviewer's email address in the People with Access field, and press Enter or select it from the drop-down list. Or paste a list of emails to the field to add them automatically. Add anyone with an Articulate ID. If your reviewer doesn't have an Articulate ID, ask them to create a free account here before adding them. Remove users by clicking the X icon beside their name. Then click Save to confirm the changes.

Now, anyone who tries to use the link to view the item must sign in with their Articulate ID, but only users you’ve selected can view it.  

See this user guide to learn more about the share settings.


Do individuals need Articulate 360 seats to view a private item?

No seat required! You can give access to anyone with an Articulate ID. If your reviewer doesn't have one, ask them to create a free account here first.

Can I add user groups instead of individuals when sharing?

Not at this time, but we'd love to hear how this feature would benefit you.

Do team folder editors get access to the Review 360 item if its share link is private?

If the item is in a team folder, editors can access the item share settings. They're listed under "People with Access" with a folder icon beside their names.

How does this work with Request Review? What happens to my email-only reviewers when I change the share link to private?

When the share link is private, reviewers with Articulate IDs are automatically added to the viewer list with a clipboard icon beside their names. Anyone who is not logged into Articulate 360 and tries to view the share link is directed to a page with options to sign in or create an account. Email-only reviewers can create an account using the same email address to sign in and view the item.

Is there a way for me to make share links private by default?

Not at this time, but let us know if this is important to you.

Can I make an existing share link private? Can I make the share links of all review items in a folder private?

You can make existing share links private, but you'll have to set this per item. There's currently no way to make multiple items private at the same time.

Can I track who has viewed a private Review 360 item?

No, but you can add reviewers via request review to monitor their progress. You can even set a due date and send reminders via email.

Does granting access to a user send them an email notification?

Not at this time, but you can add them as reviewers via request review to send invites and monitor their progress.

Who can set permissions on a Review 360 item?

Only the item owner can set permissions for items in their Private directory. If the item is in a team folder, folder editors can also set the item's share settings.

What happens when I duplicate an item with a private share link?

The share link of the duplicated item will still be private. If it's in a team folder, explicit permissions are excluded from the copy, so only the owner and folder editors have access to the duplicate.

What happens when I remove a user from the subscription?

When users are removed from an Articulate 360 team, we'll remove any Review 360 items access they were granted.

What will users see when they use a private share link that they don't have access to?

When a share link is private, anyone who tries to view the item will be directed to a page saying they don't have access to it (shown below.) If they’re not logged in with an Articulate ID, they'll see options to sign in or create an account, but only those who have been granted access can view the item once signed in.