Rise 360: Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Lesson Templates

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Prevent, recognize, challenge, and address harassment at work.

May 3, 2022

Updated all videos to reflect the course name change, plus additional edits related to the below changes.

March 28, 2022

Changed title from Sexual Harassment to Anti-Harassment and Discrimination, plus updates for all lessons:

  • Building a Respectful Workplace
    • Clarified the definition of “respect"
    • Switched out the quote
    • Replaced the content in “Building a Respectful Workplace” to focus on what all employees can do—and not just managers
  • Understanding Harassment and Discrimination
    • Clarified the definition of “discrimination”
    • Added examples of protected characteristics by federal and state law
    • Included a new section that distinguishes the difference between intention and impact
    • Added additional examples throughout the lesson
  • Workplace Anti-Discrimination Laws
    • Expanded the definitions of the four workplace anti-discrimination laws and clarified how companies can stay compliant. We also restructured the lesson to account for that extra content.
    • Added a new section that reminds learners of additional state and city anti-discrimination laws
  • What Is Sexual Harassment?
    • Clarified the definition of “sexual harassment”
    • Gave extra feedback on the “Check Your Understanding” flashcards
    • Expanded the definitions of Quid Pro Quo and a Hostile Work Environment—and restructured those sections based on the new content
  • Forms of Sexual Harassment and Their Consequences
    • Updated the section “Sexual Harassment Is Bad for Business”
    • Updated and explained the section “Potential Consequences for the Harasser”
  • What to Do if You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work
    • Gave additional examples re: what retaliation looks like
    • Updated the section “What Can You Do if You’re Sexually Harassed?” to offer extra clarity regarding how a learner might report harassment outside their company.
    • Gave new recommendations in the “Recovering From Sexual Harassment” section
  • Bystander Intervention
    • Updated the content in the “3 Stages of Intervention” section
    • Expanded content in the “How to Intervene Safely and Effectively” section
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment as a Supervisor
    • Clarified how, exactly, preventing sexual harassment is a supervisor’s legal obligation
    • Added some extra content to each of the five tips for preventing sexual harassment
    • Updated some of the feedback in the lesson’s knowledge checks
  • Responding to Sexual Harassment Complaints
    • Updated the “What’s Considered a Complaint?” section with a more in-depth description and examples
    • Added an additional “Don’t” to the “Don’t Do That” section