Rise 360: Can I Sell Courses Created With Real Content Templates?

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Creating courses in Rise 360 just got a major upgrade with real content courses, templates, and lessons. Use this content to quickly create courses containing fully-researched business content or deploy them as-is to supplement your organization's training library.

But if your business model involves selling courses, you're probably wondering "Is it OK to sell courses that use real content templates?"

The answer is "Yes, but..." as there are a few very important things to keep in mind when it comes to courses created with Content Library 360 assets, including real content templates.

  • Courses based on or containing real content templates have to remain as Rise 360 courses.
  • Next Big Idea Club videos have to be presented in the special video blocks we've created for them, with the attribution and links intact.
  • Taking it one step further, presenting any of the real content videos or Content Library 360 assets outside of a Rise 360 course is a violation of our Terms of Service.

It's an exciting time as we expand what you can do with Rise 360. If anything above isn't clear or you'd like to discuss things further, follow the link to start a support case and we'll help you sort it out!