Rise 360: How to Add Tables to Your Course

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The Table block in Rise 360 makes it easy to display data and structured information. You can also add tables to your text blocks using the new Quick Insert button.

Here’s how they work.

  1. Insert a Table Block
  2. Modify the Table Block
  3. Use Quick Insert (Optional)
  4. FAQs
  5. Accessibility Information 

Step 1: Insert a Table Block

Add a table block to insert a 3x5 table with a header row in your theme color. 

  1. Open a Rise 360 course, then edit an existing blocks lesson or create a new one.
  2. Select All Blocks from the blocks shortcut bar. Or, click the insert block icon (+) that appears when you mouse over a boundary between blocks.
  3. From the sidebar, choose the Text category, then select Table.

Step 2: Modify the Table Block

There are two parts to the table block: the content and the table itself. Let’s look at modifying each.


Add and edit table content in the main window, just like any other text block. Format text by selecting it and choosing formatting options on the floating toolbar that appears. Or, use the keyboard shortcuts listed in the Rise 360 User Guide.

  • To format all the text in a table, click in any cell, then press Ctrl+A (Command+A on Macs) to select all content and reveal the text-formatting toolbar.
  • To format text in multiple cells, select the text in the first cell you want to edit, then press Shift+Down Arrow (↓) or Shift+Right Arrow (→) to select additional cells. Use the floating toolbar to format your text.


Format your table by selecting multiple cells or clicking in a cell without selecting text. The table toolbar appears, as shown below.

From this toolbar, you can do the following:

Icon Name


Table Header

Delete or insert a shaded header row at the top of the table.

Remove Table

Immediately delete the entire table and its contents.


Insert or delete a row.


Insert or delete a column.

Table Style

Replace your solid borders with dashed borders and/or apply background shading to alternate rows.


Split the current cell vertically or horizontally. If multiple cells are selected, you can merge them.

Cell Background

Add a background color by selecting a swatch from the menu or entering a hex color code. Remove background color with the Clear Formatting icon. Click Back to exit without changes.

Vertical Align

Align the content of the selected cells to the top, middle, or bottom of each cell.

Horizontal Align

Align the content of the selected cells to the left, center, or right of each cell. You can also justify cell content.

Cell Style

Highlight the selected cell in red or make its borders thicker.

Outside of the toolbar commands, you can:

  • Click and drag column borders to resize them.
  • Quickly add a row to the end of your table by placing your cursor in the last cell and pressing Tab.
  • Insert line breaks above or below your table by clicking the Break button that appears when you hover over the top or bottom border. If you want to delete a line break, press Ctrl + Backspace on the line below your table or Backspace with your cursor placed in front of your table.

In addition to customizing the content, you can modify how your content looks on the screen by hovering over an existing block to access the left-hand design toolbar. Click the Style icon to access block background options. The Format menu provides options for changing the block padding, cell padding, and content width.

Step 3: Use Quick Insert (Optional)

You can add tables to other blocks with quick insert, as described below. It's available in the sidebar and main window of most blocks. Which blocks? Just about any block that supports text, including paragraph, accordion, knowledge check, and quote blocks.

  1. On an empty line, click Quick Insert (+).
  2. Select Insert Table from the row of icons.

That’s all there is to it (that’s why they call it “quick”). Quick Insert tables are 2x2 by default. Add more cells and headers using the table toolbar as detailed above. You can't adjust the cell padding of a quick table the same as you can a table block. 


Can I copy and paste multiple cells?

No, you can only copy and paste individual cells.

Can I use images in tables?

Not at this time, but we welcome your feature requests.

If I delete my header row, can I get it back?

Yes. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z or select the text in another cell and click Undo on the floating toolbar.

Can I convert table blocks to other types of text blocks?

No, but let us know if you want to request a feature.

Are there spreadsheet-type calculations available for tables?

That feature isn't planned at this time. 

Accessibility Information

Table blocks are accessible. Conduct testing with keyboard navigation and screen readers to ensure accessibility. For further guidance on creating accessible content, refer to our accessibility design tips below: