Rise 360: How to Crop Images

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Only need part of an image? Just use the built-in cropping tool to create the perfect picture.

After adding an image to your course, hover over the block and click the Content icon. Click the Edit link for the image and choose Crop Image from the menu.

In the screen that displays, grab the drag handles to focus on a certain part of an image. If you’d like to maintain a 1:1 image ratio (helpful for flashcard images and quote block avatars), just select Constrain to square. Click Save when you’re finished editing. 

If you aren’t totally satisfied with an image you’ve cropped, don’t worry, your uncropped image is still there. Go back to the Crop image screen and move the drag handles back to where they were originally. Click Save to restore your image.

Note: You can crop all images in Rise 360 except course cover photos and scenario block backgrounds.