Rise 360: How to Export Your Courses to Rise.com

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Want to keep using the amazing content you’ve created in Rise 360 when you use Rise? Don’t fret, just export copies of your Rise 360 courses directly to your Rise library. Follow these steps.

  1. In the upper right corner of your Rise 360 dashboard, click the Rise logo.

  1. If you’re not already logged in to your Rise account, click the Log In button in the pop-up window. A new window displays where you’ll enter your account’s subdomain name (even if you've switched to using a custom domain). Click Sign In.
  2. Enter your login credentials, then click Sign In again.
  3. Select the courses you’d like to export or click Select All. You'll only be able to export those courses where you're the Course Owner. Click the button to export.

  1. Click Thank You to return to your Rise 360 dashboard.

That’s it! The courses you export show up on your Create dashboard in Rise exactly as they appeared in Rise 360, including any modified labels or custom fonts. These courses are copies and are unaffected by any additional changes made to them in Rise 360 (and vice versa). Keep in mind that, before the courses display in your library, you'll first have to submit them for publishing and unless you make changes to each lesson, their course duration won't be calculated automatically.