Rise 360: How to Fix Invalid Web Embed Code

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When you paste embed code into a Rise 360 course, you might see this error message: Please enter a valid URL or iframe.

Here are a few tips for troubleshooting invalid embed code:

  • Make sure your embed code has opening and closing iframe tags: <iframe …></iframe>.
  • Don't add text between or outside the opening and closing iframe tags. For example, this won't work: <iframe …>Powered by Office Online.</iframe>.
  • Don't use single quotes for iframe attributes. Use double quotes. Invalid: width='500px'. Valid: width="500px".
  • Don't use curly quotes for iframe attributes. Use straight quotes. Invalid: width=“500px”. Valid: width="500px".

Non-Embedly Content Providers

For the most consistent results, use content from one of the hundreds of content providers supported by Embedly. These sites have agreed to have their content embedded in frames and will display as expected.

To try adding embedded content from non-Embedly sites to your lesson, use the formula <iframe src="URL"></iframe>. Just replace URL with the link for the content you want to embed. Success depends on whether or not the site you linked to allows their content to be embedded in frames. You might only see part of the content you’re trying to embed or you might not see any content at all!

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