Rise 360: Lesson and Block Types

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This article lists the lesson and block types available in Rise 360. Combine lessons and blocks in various configurations to create unique, responsive content.

Lesson Types

Get your learners swiping, tapping, and fully engaged. The interactive lessons in Rise 360 are simple to build, fun to experience, and beautiful to behold on every device. You add text and media—Rise 360 does the rest.


Use blocks to create lessons. Blocks are components you stack to create unique lessons that look gorgeous on every device, in every orientation. Add text, statement, quote, and list blocks to tell a story. Build media-rich learning experiences with image, gallery, and multimedia blocks. Create lean-forward learning moments with interactive blocks. And share blocks with your team using block templates.

Click here for a video demonstration and see below for a list of block types and descriptions.


See what learners know or simply pique their interest with quiz lessons. Just add text and media, identify the correct responses, and provide optional feedback for learners.

Choose from multiple choice, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, and matching questions. See this article for details.

To customize quiz settings, such as the passing score, randomization, and number of retries, click Settings in the upper right corner of the quiz editor.

Block Types

Text Blocks

Tell your story with these text block layouts.


Paragraph with heading

Paragraph with subheading



Two column


Statement Blocks

Make important information stand out with statement blocks. There are four uniquely-styled statement blocks and a useful note block.

Statement A

Statement B

Statement C

Statement D


Quote Blocks

Highlight quotes in your story using these eye-catching quote blocks.

Quote A

Quote B

Quote C

Quote D

Quote on image

Quote carousel

List Blocks

Make your point with lists. Choose from three styles.

Numbered list

Checkbox list

Bulleted list

Image Blocks

Make pictures pop with these stunning image blocks.

Image centered

Image full width

Image & text

Text on image

Gallery Blocks

Showcase multiple images in gallery blocks, including carousels and grids.


Two column grid

Three column grid

Four column grid

Multimedia Blocks

Create media-rich content with multimedia blocks, including audio clips, videos, website embeds, file attachments, and code snippets (text only).





Code snippet

Interactive Blocks

Give learners a hands-on experience with these engaging interactive blocks.



Labeled Graphic


User-added image
Sorting Activity

Flashcard grid

Flashcard stack


Button stack


Knowledge Check

Create varied, engaging assessments with these blocks to determine how well your learners are absorbing your content.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Response

Fill in the Blank


Draw from Question Bank

Chart Blocks

Create gorgeous data visualizations to your projects with chart blocks. It's simple to build bar, line, and pie charts your learners will love.




 Divider Blocks

Organize block lessons into logical sections with dividers, numbered dividers, and spacers. And use continue blocks to encourage learners to master content before moving on.



Numbered Divider


Block Templates

Build Rise 360 content faster by saving existing blocks and their content as block templates, then reusing those block templates in other lessons. And if you have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription, you can share block templates with your team. Learn more about block templates.