Rise 360: Quiz Data Sent to an LMS

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The following information is communicated to learning management systems (LMSs) by Rise 360 quizzes.

  • id: Rise 360 sends a series of data for this string to identify the question and the course attempt number.
  • type: This is the type of question (multiple choice, fill in the blank, or matching).
  • student_response: This is how the learner answered the question.
  • correct_response: This is the correct answer for the question.
  • result: This lets you know if the learner got the question right or wrong.
  • weighting: Rise 360 content doesn't currently use this item. It'll always be set to 1.
  • latency: This is how long it took the learner to answer the question.
  • objective: Rise 360 content doesn't currently use this item. It'll always be set to 0.


How do I send question text to my LMS?

When you publish your Rise 360 course for cmi5, SCORM 2004, or xAPI (Tin Can), it sends full question text to your LMS.

When a course is set to track using course completion, are quiz answers still sent to my LMS?

Quiz answers are reported to your LMS when you track using course completion but without a score.

My quiz is in a Storyline block. Are details still reported to my LMS?

Quiz details aren't reported for Storyline blocks.

If my course has more than one quiz, can I see responses for all of them in my LMS?

While only one quiz can be used for tracking, the Rise 360 course does send all quiz data to your LMS. Whether or not you have access to that data depends on your LMS provider.

What happens when a learner takes the same quiz multiple times?

When a learner takes a quiz multiple times within the same course attempt, the most recent quiz score is sent to the LMS upon exit. For example, if they pass it, then fail it, then pass it again, only the final pass would be reported. For learners who try to retake a quiz after closing the course, what happens depends on your LMS. Usually, the LMS allows them to retake the quiz only if the course wasn’t completed. If they took the quiz and completed the course, they most likely won’t be able to retake the quiz.