Storyline 3: How to Adjust Video Compression

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We optimized video compression in Storyline 3 so you get the highest possible quality at the lowest possible file size. We recommend using high quality videos and letting Storyline handle the compression. However, you can turn off compression for MP4 videos if you'd prefer.

Adjusting Video Compression

When you publish a course, your videos will be encoded so they're no larger than your slide size with a key frame every 5 seconds—unless you turn off video compression as described in the next section.

To adjust the compression Storyline uses for videos, just click the Quality property in the publishing wizard, then drag the Video quality slider to the right to increase the publish quality. (Note that higher quality values also result in larger file sizes, which could mean longer download times for learners with slow internet connections.)

Turning Video Compression Off

You can turn off compression altogether for MP4 videos created with baseline, main, or high profiles. (All other videos will be compressed automatically.)

  1. Select the video placeholder and go to the Options tab on the Storyline ribbon.
  2. Click the Compression drop-down list and choose None.

If you turn off video compression, be aware that your published files will be larger, which could be problematic for learners with slow internet connections.

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