Storyline 3: Invalid Serial Number

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If you encounter a message stating that your serial number is invalid when attempting to activate Storyline 3, see the following reasons and solutions.

The Serial Number Was Typed Incorrectly

To avoid mistyping the serial number, we recommend copying it as it appears in your product confirmation email and pasting it into the activation form.

A Serial Number for a Different Product Was Used

Also, be sure to use the proper serial number for the product(s) you purchased. If you have more than one serial number, you can tell which serial number corresponds to which product by their prefixes:

Articulate Storyline 3SL3
Articulate Storyline 2SL2
Articulate Storyline 1SL1
Articulate Studio '13 ProfessionalSP4
Articulate Studio '13 StandardSS4
Articulate Presenter '13AP7
Articulate Quizmaker '13QM4
Articulate Engage '13EN3
Articulate ReplayRP1
Articulate Presenter '09AP6
Articulate Quizmaker '09QM3
Articulate Engage '09EN2
Articulate Video Encoder '09VE1

Another User Has Already Activated the Serial Number on the Same Computer

If more than one user attempts to activate the same serial number on the same computer, you'll see an invalid serial number message. Each user is required to activate with a unique serial number.

Try Manual Activation

If you continue to receive an invalid serial number message after addressing the issues above, you may be able to activate your software by temporarily disconnecting (or disabling) your internet connection and using manual activation.