Storyline 360: Allow Learners to Review and Retry Only Incorrect Questions

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Help learners improve their knowledge by letting them review and retry only the questions they get wrong, so they don’t have to repeat the questions they get right.

For example, let’s say you take a quiz with 20 questions, and you get one question wrong. You don’t want to cycle through all 20 questions again to find the one you got wrong. You only want to see the one that got away. Storyline 360 lets you do just that, and it’s so easy!

Step 1: Add Review and/or Retry Buttons to Your Result Slide

  1. Go to your quiz result slide and select the Result Tools—Design tab on the ribbon.
  2. Click Review Button or Retry Button, then click the slide where you want the button to appear.
  3. Edit the button’s appearance to match your course design.

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Step 2: Edit the Review and/or Retry Triggers

  1. Double-click the Review results trigger or the Reset results trigger in the triggers panel.
  2. Mark the box to Review only incorrect questions or Reset only incorrect questions, as shown below.
Review Results Trigger

Trigger wizard in Storyline 360. 
Reset Results Trigger

Trigger wizard in Storyline 360. 
  1. Click OK to save your changes.

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Does this feature work with question banks and branching quizzes?

Yes. Learners can review and retry questions they get wrong whether those questions are standalone slides or draws from question banks. It also works with branching quizzes.

Does this feature work with the modern player and the classic player?

Yes. It works with both player styles.

What happens when learners answer all the questions correctly?

If you’ve enabled the options to review and retry only incorrect questions, the review and retry buttons won’t do anything when learners answer all the questions correctly.

You could also add triggers to your result slide that hide or disable the review and retry buttons when the learner’s score is 100%. Here’s an example:

Trigger wizard in Storyline 360.