Storyline 360: Closed Captions Placement

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Create a better experience for all learners by ensuring that closed captions are easy to see and don’t obstruct critical content. As of March 2024, you can position captions at the top or bottom of the slide in your Storyline 360 courses.

Select Placement

Here’s how to change the placement of your closed captions globally. In the player properties window, click Colors & Effects on the ribbon, then select your position preference.

Player Properties window in Storyline 360. 

Tip: Click the closed captions button in the player properties window to see how your closed captions will display to learners without having to preview or publish your course.

Boost Accessibility

When placing closed captions, focus on learner experience. Make sure your captions don’t cover essential visual content, such as onscreen text and graphics.


The ability to set the position of closed captions is exclusive to the modern player style in Storyline 360 as of March 2024. You can open and publish project files that have closed captions with designated placement in Storyline 3 and earlier versions of Storyline 360. However, closed captions revert to the default bottom position.

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