Storyline 360: Disable Player Navigation When Revisiting Quiz Questions

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As of the August 2023 update for Storyline 360, you decide how learners navigate submitted quiz questions by turning player navigation elements on or off. Got your own custom buttons? You can now turn off the built-in navigation controls to accommodate your design.

Disable Player Navigation

Here's how to turn off default navigation when revisiting submitted quiz questions (form-based or freeform). In Story View, hold down the Shift or Ctrl key to multi-select question slides, go to the Slide Properties panel, then uncheck the Enable player navigation box. That's it!

Slide Properties panel in Storyline 360.

With question bank slides, you'll need to turn off default navigation manually for each slide in Slide View.

Understand Compatibility

This enhancement is exclusive to Storyline 360 as of August 2023. Project files with player navigation turned off for question slides won't open in Storyline 3 or earlier versions of Storyline 360. To restore compatibility, turn on player navigation.

Share Your Feedback

Historically, Storyline enabled player navigation when revisiting submitted question slides to ensure learners could jump to the next slide. We learned some authors prefer custom navigation for question slides, so we've made this behavior optional. What do you think of this change? Could it be better? Let us know!