Storyline 360: How to Use the Conditional Seekbar

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Use the conditional seekbar in Storyline 360 to prevent learners from skipping ahead until they've completed a slide. The seekbar is locked the first time learners view the slide. After that, they can drag the seekbar back and forth. Watch this video demonstration, then check out the details below.

The conditional seekbar is great for compliance courses where learners are required to view content in full and also need the freedom to explore each slide after completing it. Here’s how to enable the conditional seekbar.

  1. Open your player properties by going to the Home tab on the Storyline ribbon and clicking Player.
  2. The conditional seekbar is an exclusive feature of the modern player style, so make sure the Player Style option on the ribbon to set to Modern.
  3. Click Features on the player properties ribbon if it isn’t already selected. (Learn more about player features.)
  4. Mark the Seekbar box near the bottom of the window, then use the corresponding drop-down list to choose Allow drag after completion.
  5. Click OK to save your changes and close the player properties.