Storyline 360: Imported Word Translation with Exceptions

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If you see a “Completed with exceptions” error when importing a translated Word document into Storyline 360, here's what it means and how to fix it.

What It Means

When translating courses, your Storyline 360 project file and the exported Word document must have the same number of text strings. In other words, don't make any changes to your Storyline 360 project file after exporting it to Word for translation.

If there’s a mismatch between both files when you import the translated Word document back into Storyline 360, you'll see the following “Completed with exceptions” error. 

The actual number of exceptions varies based on the number of missing strings.

"Completed with exceptions" error message in Storyline 360

How to Fix It

To avoid this error, only modify text in the Translation column of the Word document.

However, it’s easy to fix the issue after it occurred! Simply export your Storyline 360 project to Word again, translate the new text strings, and reimport the document.