Storyline 360: JavaScript Console

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Skip the extra step of publishing your course to test JavaScript triggers. As of February 2024, you can use the built-in console to troubleshoot your code right in Storyline 360.

Use the JavaScript Console

Accessing and using the built-in console is easy. Preview your course, then click the Inspect button on the preview ribbon—as shown below—or press F12 to launch the developer tools (DevTools) in a new window.

The preview ribbon in Storyline 360.

When the DevTools window opens, click the Console tab at the top of the window. The console will alert you to any issues with your JavaScript trigger.

Note: Although we don't officially provide support for JavaScript coding, we'll do our best to help. You can also check out these best practices.

Understand Compatibility

The built-in console is exclusive to Storyline 360 as of February 2024. However, it doesn't affect compatibility. You can open project files that used this feature in Storyline 3 and earlier versions of Storyline 360.