Storyline 360: Print Slide Trigger

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Let learners print individual slides, such as certificates, with a single trigger—no coding required.

Add a Print Slide Trigger

You can now add a trigger that lets learners print any slide in your course. Here's how.

In the trigger wizard, select the Print slide action, choose the slide you want to print, and set up your trigger event (e.g., when the user clicks), as shown below.

The trigger wizard displaying settings for a print slide trigger

You can add print slide triggers to slides, layers, and slide masters. You can even add a print slide trigger to a custom player tab on the modern player, as shown below, so learners can print the current slide they're on or any slide you define, such as a certificate slide.

You'll need to publish your course to experience the print slide trigger. It won't work during preview.

Pro Tip: Learners can choose Save as PDF from the print dialog's Destination drop-down list to make the text searchable.

Understand Compatibility

The print slide trigger is exclusive to the modern player style in the August 2022 update and later for Storyline 360. Project files that use this feature won't open in earlier versions of Storyline 360. To restore compatibility, delete the print slide trigger.

Install the Storyline 3 November 2022 update or later to restore compatibility with Storyline 360. You can open Storyline 360 project files with print slide triggers in Storyline 3. However, you can't create or edit print slide triggers in Storyline 3. Note that print slide triggers are exclusive to the modern player and won't work in Storyline 3, which uses the classic player.