Storyline 360: Uncompressed Audio, Stereo Sound, and Higher Sample Rate

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Make your Storyline 360 courses sound better than ever with uncompressed audio, stereo sound, and a higher sample rate. Install build 3.33.20625.0 or later to take advantage of these audio enhancements.

Uncompressed Audio

By default, Storyline compresses audio in your published output so courses download faster for learners. However, you can preserve the original quality of your MP3 audio files by turning off compression. Select the audio track in the timeline panel, then go to the Audio Tools—Options tab on the ribbon and change the Compression setting to None.

Only MP3 files can be uncompressed in Storyline. The compression setting is grayed out for all other audio formats and narration that you recorded in Storyline. If you’d prefer not to compress audio in your course but the compression setting is unavailable, convert your audio to MP3, then import it back into your project.

Stereo Sound

If your MP3 audio files have stereo sound and you want to keep the stereo format in your published course, turn off compression, as described above.

Compressed audio has mono sound in published output.

Higher Sample Rate

We raised the audio sample rate to 44,100 Hz in Storyline 360 for CD-quality sound. You don’t have to do any extra work to achieve this higher sample rate. Storyline 360 now publishes all audio at 44,100 Hz.