Storyline 360 and Rise 360: Comparing Features for LMS Output

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When you publish a course for LMS distribution, certain features may work differently in Storyline 360 and Rise 360. Here’s a table comparing the features available in each to help you decide which one to use in your next project.


Storyline 360

Rise 360

LMS Standards
Support for AICC, SCORM, xAPI, and cmi5 standards.

Available in Storyline 360

Available in Rise 360

Track by Quiz Results
Track course completion and success status by quiz results.

Available in Storyline 360

Available in Rise 360

Reporting Status
Record completion and success statuses in an LMS. The completion status monitors when learners finish a course, while success status monitors how learners perform.

Choose statuses for AICC and SCORM

Choose statuses for AICC, SCORM, & cmi5

Track by Course Progress
Track course completion and success status by course progress.

Slides viewed

% of lessons viewed

Exit Course
Allow learners to click on a link to exit the course.

Exit course trigger

Exit course link setting

Cover Page/Photo
Allow authors to add a cover page/photo to a course.

Cover photo for mobile or when the first slide has media

Cover page shows by default but can be turned off

Resume Options
Provide options when the course is relaunched in the LMS.

Prompt to resume, always resume, or never resume

Always resume (Learn how to reset learner progress when updating a course.)

Custom xAPI Statements
Define custom xAPI statements to track learners' activity.

Available in Storyline 360


Expanded Quiz Tracking
Allow authors to create branches with different quizzes or allow learners to test out of courses by passing a pre-check assessment.

Available in Storyline 360


Lost connectivity alert
Notify learners when their connection is unstable and prevent them from continuing so they don't lose their progress.

Available in Storyline 360


LRS Support
Allow publishing to a Learning Record Store (LRS).

Available in Storyline 360


Track Multiple Completion Criteria
Allow authors to choose one, two, or even all three tracking options. Whichever option a learner completes first is the one that gets reported to the LMS/LRS.

Available in Storyline 360


Course Completion Trigger
Send a status update to your LMS when learners perform a specific action or reach a certain point on the timeline.

Available in Storyline 360