Storyline 360 and Studio 360: How to Fix an Unsupported XLIFF Version Error

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If you see an Unsupported XLIFF Version error message when importing a translated XLIFF file into Storyline 360 or Studio 360, it's related to a software update you installed between exporting and importing your XLIFF file.

Why am I seeing this error?

As of August 29, 2017, Storyline 360 and Studio 360 support the latest XLIFF versions, 1.2 and 2.0, and no longer support XLIFF 1.0.

As a result, you'll see the error message above if you exported your project to XLIFF 1.0, installed the latest Storyline or Studio software update, and then tried to import your XLIFF 1.0 file back into your project.

How do I fix this error?

If your translation service or program has translation memory, the easiest solution is to export your project to XLIFF version 1.2 or 2.0 (Storyline, Presenter, Quizmaker, Engage), then run it through your translation process again. Since the same text strings were previously translated, your translation memory should simply return all the same translations with no manual effort involved. Then import the new XLIFF file back into your project.

If you don't have access to translation memory, we're happy to help. Just send us your project file and your translated XLIFF file. We'll import your XLIFF file into your project and send the updated project file back to you. Then you can edit and publish it as needed.