Storyline 360 and Storyline 3: How Screen Readers Announce Course Titles

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When should screen readers announce the title of a Storyline course? Generally, you'll only hear the course title once when your course first launches. However, screen readers are like humans—no two are exactly the same. Depending on which screen reader you're using, the version number of the screen reader, and the settings that are enabled or disabled for the screen reader, you might hear the course title more than once on the first slide.

Note that the course title in the Storyline player properties (the left side of the image below) becomes the name of the browser tab for your published course (the right side of the image below). If you disable the course title in the player properties, it won’t show on the player frame around your course, but it’ll still appear on the browser tab. Screen readers announce the name of the browser tab (i.e., the page title) so learners know what the web page is about. This fulfills accessibility guidelines, such as WCAG 2.4.2, to identify the page title.