Updating the Progress Meter in Rise.com when importing Storyline 360 content

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By default, Storyline 360 content doesn’t advance the visual progress meter in Rise.com. However, you can use JavaScript triggers to make it possible when using the SCORM 2004 standard. 

Here’s how.

In your Storyline 360 project:

  1. To store the percentage of the learner’s progress, add a custom number type variable.
  2. Update the custom variable to show progress percentage with an Adjust Variable trigger that uses the Project.Progress Slide Numbers Variable
  3. Add an Execute JavaScript trigger and use this code to send this value to Rise as the cmi.progress_measure:
    var player = GetPlayer();
    var varProgress = player.GetVar("YourVariableName");
  4. The Adjust Variable trigger should come before or on top of the Execute JavaScript trigger, as shown. 
  5. Place these two triggers on each slide or place them on the Slide Master.
  6. Publish your project for LMS with SCORM 2004.
  7. Import the zipped output into Rise.com.

Note: Restarting an imported Storyline 360 course doesn’t reset the progress in Rise.com. Set the project’s resume behavior to Always Resume to sync it with the progress meter, or set it to Prompt to Resume to allow learners to restart the Storyline 360 content.