Presenter: Action Button and Trigger Support

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Articulate Presenter supports a limited number of PowerPoint's action buttons and triggers.

Supported Actions

  • Hyperlink to Next Slide
  • Hyperlink to Previous Slide
  • Hyperlink to First Slide
  • Hyperlink to Last Slide
  • Hyperlink to Slide
  • Hyperlink to URL

Unsupported Actions

  • Hyperlink to Last Slide Viewed
  • Hyperlink to End Show
  • Hyperlink to Other PowerPoint presentation
  • Hyperlink to Other File
  • Run program
  • Run macro
  • Object action
  • Play sound
  • Highlight click
  • Any action on Mouse Over

Supported Triggers

  • Animate as part of click sequence

Unsupported Triggers

  • Start effect on click of

Alternative Methods to Using Actions and Triggers

  • Simulate on-click triggers in Presenter by hyperlinking from one slide to another in PowerPoint.
  • Create branched interactions in Presenter.