Storyline: Couldn’t Find Quizmaker Project File or Engage Interaction

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When you're importing a PowerPoint presentation that contains a Quizmaker quiz or Engage interaction, you may encounter one of the following error messages:

“Couldn’t find Quizmaker project file”

“Couldn’t find Engage interaction”

This will occur if the quiz/interaction file is missing or if its link to the PowerPoint file has been broken. Use either of the following methods to correct it:

Import Missing Quizzes and Interactions Separately

When the error above occurs, you'll be presented with three options:

  • Retry importing the designated quiz or interaction.
  • Continue importing the rest of the presentation without the missing quiz or interaction.
  • Cancel the import process.

If you locate the missing quiz or interaction file and place it in the expected location (which is often the same folder where the PowerPoint file is stored), click Retry to attempt the import again.

If the Retry option fails, click Continue to import the rest of the presentation, then import the quiz or interaction separately.

Fix Broken Links in PowerPoint

If your presentation includes numerous quizzes or interactions that are missing (not importing as expected), you may want to Cancel the import process and fix the broken links in PowerPoint first. Then import the entire presentation into Storyline all at once.

You may be able to quickly fix any broken links with the click of a button, using the Project Beacon add-in for PowerPoint. Please note that this method isn't officially supported by Articulate.

Otherwise, fix broken links in PowerPoint using this method:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Edit in Quizmaker or Edit in Engage button on each slide.
  3. If the link to the source quiz or interaction file is broken, you'll be prompted to browse for the appropriate .quiz or .intr file. (If the link isn't broken, Quizmaker or Engage will open. Skip to step 5.)
  4. When you select the appropriate .quiz or .intr file, Quizmaker or Engage will open.
  5. Click the Save and Return to Presenter button to re-link the quiz or interaction with your PowerPoint file.