How PowerPoint Equations Are Imported into Articulate Storyline

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When you import a PowerPoint presentation into Articulate Storyline, equations will be imported differently depending on the format of your PowerPoint file—PPTX or PPT.

PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX)

Equations in a PPTX presentation will be imported into Storyline as text boxes with linear character strings that may not resemble the actual equations. To correct this behavior, use either of these options:

  • Right-click the equation in PowerPoint and select Save as Picture, then insert the image into Storyline.
  • Save your PowerPoint presentation in a backward compatible PPT format, then import the presentation into Storyline again. Equations will then be imported as images. See below.

PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (PPT)—Compatibility Mode

Equations in a backward compatible PPT presentation will be imported into Storyline as images. As a result:

  • You won't be able to edit equations after they've been imported into Storyline.
  • If you add the search bar to your Storyline player, learners won't be able to search for text in equations.

If you need to edit an equation that you've imported into Storyline, you'll need to make your changes in PowerPoint. Save the equation as an image (right-click and select Save as Picture), then insert the image into Storyline again.