How to Upload Published Content to a Server

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In this article, we'll look at two options for uploading published content to a server. The quickest method is to use the FTP feature built into your Articulate software, but you can also use any third-party FTP client.

Using the Articulate FTP Feature

Here's how to use the FTP feature in your Articulate software to upload content to a server:

  1. Click the FTP option when you see the Publish Successful window.
  2. Enter your FTP information on the FTP Published Content window. You'll need to consult your server administrator or your hosting company for the following information.
    • Server: It should look something like
    • Port: The default port is 21, but you may change this if your server administrator requires a different port.
    • Username: Supplied by your server administrator.
    • Password: Supplied by your server administrator.
    • Directory: Enter the directory (or path) where you'd like to store your published content on the server. For example: articulate/content
  3. Click Test Connection to ensure your FTP credentials and directory information are correct. (If the information is correct and you still can't connect, contact your server administrator or hosting company for assistance.)
  4. Mark the box to Save username and password if you'll be using this feature regularly.
  5. Click Send to upload your content to the server.

Here's a video screencast of this process. (Although Storyline 360 was used for this demonstration, the same process applies to all Articulate 360 products.)

Tip: Some servers won't let you upload content to the root directory of the domain (server). In that case, you must upload to a directory like httpdocs before you'll be able to view your course online. Using the example above, you'd enter the following into the Directory field: httpdocs/articulate/content (Consult your server administrator if you're unsure.)

Using a Third-Party FTP Client

If you're unable to use the Articulate FTP feature, you may be able to use a third-party FTP client like FileZilla.

When uploading published content to a server via a third-party FTP client, be sure it's using Binary Transfer Mode. If you use ASCII Transfer Mode or Auto Transfer Mode, the XML files in your published output may become corrupt.

Here's a video screencast demonstrating how to upload published content to a server using FileZilla: