Storyline and Studio: Videos Don't Play in Published Content

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If videos don't play in your published Articulate courses, review the following reasons and solutions.

Local Security Restrictions

Test your published content in its intended environment. If you view published content on your local computer, you'll encounter security restrictions from your computer, browser, or network that could cause various features to fail. To avoid these local security restrictions, view your content in the environment for which it was published:

  • Web: Upload your presentation to a web server and view the content with a valid https address.
  • LMS: Upload your presentation to your LMS, then log in as an end-user and view the course.

File Naming Conventions

Don't use special characters, accents, or spaces in your video file names. Use only letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens.

Add an MP4 MIME Type to Your Server

If MP4 videos still won't play after uploading your published content to a server, it's likely that you need to add a MIME type to your server.