Rise 360 Course Sharing Guidelines

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Sharing a Rise 360 course is easy! What can be difficult is knowing when to use each type of sharing option. Here are some basic guidelines to follow. 

Share a Web Link

Sharing a web link is a great way to get input from collaborators that don’t have access to Review 360. While sending a share link is one of the simplest ways to share a course, it’s not meant to be a long-term hosting solution. Web links are a stepping stone on the way to a more permanent hosting option. 

Web links shouldn’t be used to embed courses in iframes. In early 2020, we'll enhance security and no longer allow courses to be embedded in iframes via their shareable web links. To ensure your learners always have access to your courses, choose one of the long-term solutions detailed below.

Export an LMS Package

If you need to track your learners’ progress, the most effective solution is to export your course for upload to an LMS of your choice. For more information on exporting to an LMS click here

Host the Course on a Web Server

If you don’t need to track your learners’ progress, then hosting a course on your own web server is the best long-term option. Read about how to export a course for hosting (as well as some free hosting solutions) here

If you already have a hosting solution but need instructions on how to embed a course on a web page using an iframe, you’ll find simple steps here

Download a PDF File

Downloadable course PDFs are perfect for archival and regulatory requirements. Learn more.