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Get ready to harness the processing power in modern computers with 64-bit Storyline 360. That's right—one of our top feature requests is available as of November 2023. Benefit from increased stability and faster performance, even while working on media-rich and other complex projects.

As of May 2024, 64-bit Storyline 360 is the default Storyline version in the desktop app. That means you get all the benefits with no extra steps.

Access 64-bit Storyline 360

Accessing 64-bit Storyline 360 is easy. Update your Articulate 360 desktop app to the latest version, then click the Open button for Storyline 360.

Desktop app window


What performance improvements will I see?

You can expect 64-bit Storyline 360 to run faster and be more stable—though the performance improvements depend on the project and your computer's processing power. This resource goes into more detail: Demystifying 64-Bit Storyline.

Can I switch back to 32-bit Storyline 360?

Yes. You can restore access to 32-bit Storyline 360 in your preferences

Can I use all the existing features in 64-bit Storyline 360?

Most features work in 64-bit Storyline 360, but webcam recording and legacy Quizmaker import ('09/'13) are deprecated.

Note: As of March 2024, 64-bit Storyline 360 uses a different workflow for editing Engage interactions than 32-bit Storyline 360 does. Learn more.

Understand Compatibility

This feature is exclusive to Storyline 360 as of November 2023. However, it doesn't affect compatibility. You can open, edit, and publish project files created in 64-bit Storyline 360 in 32-bit Storyline 360 and Storyline 3, and vice versa.