Old Version of Content Is Displayed After Updating Published Files

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You may find that your Articulate content doesn't update as expected in the following scenario:

  • You're hosting content on a web server or LMS.
  • You republish the content and overwrite the existing files on the web server or LMS.

This is due to file caching, which occurs in web browsers and may also occur on the hosting server.

Web Browser Cache

Web browsers cache content by default, which means you may actually be viewing an older copy of your content that's stored on your local computer. Cache is used to speed up performance.

You can correct it by clearing your browser cache. This forces your browser to pull the updated version of your content from the server rather than using the cached version on your local computer.

Server Cache

If your content is in an LMS and you still see this issue after clearing your browser cache, it's possible that your LMS is also caching elements of the course. Contact your LMS provider to see if they can clear the cached files.

Another option would be to change the LMS reporting information (such as title or identifier) when republishing your Articulate content, so it's not using the same information as the original course.